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Too Good to Practice posted on 09/30/2008

                This blog entry was inspired by Plaxico Burress, who was fined today by the Giants for his insubordination to say the very least and I don’t want to go on about diva players. They get too much publicity as it is. This goes a lot deeper to the meaning of being a PROFESSIONAL football player.

                What some players and even some fans fail to recognize is that the multi-million dollar contract they sign includes everything, not just showing up on Sunday. Yes, even though they earn over a million dollars, they still must practice. Yes, they still must listen to the coaching staff and respect their teammates. That multi-million dollar contract dictates the organization expects a player to act like a professional on and off the field.

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Denver's to lose posted on 09/28/2008

               There is nothing more frustrating than watching the not-so-good offense of the Kansas City Chiefs eat up the Denver defense. I can only imagine it is even more frustrating for the Denver offense that has to be constantly overcompensating, until it catches up with them.

                A team is a team regardless of which side of the line is better. Any given game, one side can either elevate the entire team or destroy it. Kansas City did not win this game. Denver lost it. This game was Denver’s to lose, because the defense could not contain Larry Johnson and Denver’s offense made mistakes that gave Kansas City opportunities to score. It is not a good game when star players are making mistakes, Brandon Marshall’s fumble and Jay Cutler’s two interceptions. One thing that has to be questioned is how can a team rack up over three hundred passing yards and only score only nineteen points? There were no guts for the Broncos today with their red zone inefficiency. This will and definitely will go down and should go down as a Denver loss.     

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Paying Allegiance to the Team posted on 09/24/2008

              Yesterday, I set up my blog profile under the Denver Bronco community which I could only imagine caused indigestion to my die-hard Steelers fan father. I was never a Denver Bronco fan until recently and to be honest, I was never a fan of John Elway. I was and will always be a Dan Marino girl. This too does not does sit well with my father, but at least Dan Marino is from Pittsburgh.  So in light of my personal catharsis I had to question today’s allegiance to the team.

                With free agency and many players changing teams not just every season, but in the middle of seasons, it is very hard to be true to one team. This becomes especially true for those who are have more allegiance to fantasy football teams then actual NFL football teams. I must admit, I too am a fair weather team fan as you can see by my football community. One team you will never see on my list is the Dallas Cowboys.  It will be Armageddon when this PA steel town girl cheers on the Cowboys.

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Jay Cutler to Best John Elway posted on 09/23/2008

                I can hear already the cumulative scream from millions in Bronco Land, but even the mighty can be bested. It is about time another Denver quarterback remove the proverbial sword that has been wedged firmly into the Rocky Mountains.  Denver is certainly in need of a new hero and watching Jay Cutler perform every Sunday you can’t help but be excited by the possibilities.

                Many have questioned Mike Shanahan’s draft of Jay Cutler and many more have challenged starting him mid 2006 season. Personally, I would have started Jay Cutler in the beginning of the 2006 season, but that idea would be better suited for another blog, “

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